TEAM AREA Booking Form

Team area is adjacent to race track up in the hill. Please, note that Teams are not allowed to stay close the competition field if they have not booked a team area. Reservation is FREE up to 30 square meters.

Size Range
(free of charge)
Elite International Team National Team Non FISR/WorldSkate Team Technical support
30m2 No Charge
(If booked by 5th July at 23:59)
No Charge
(If booked by 5th July at 23:59)
No Charge
(If booked by 5th July at 23:59)
25 €/m2 10 €/m2
31m2 – 80m2 No Charge
(If booked by 5th July at 23:59)
10 €/m2 10 €/m2 25 €/m2 10 €/m2
81m2 – 100m2 10 €/m2 10 €/m2 10 €/m2 20 €/m2 10 €/m2
101m2 and over 10 €/m2 10 €/m2 10 €/m2 20 €/m2 10 €/m2
Power Supply 220V – 100€ (VAT included) – Please bring your own cables!


No Vat

Race partecipation and date of arrival

Area required

All stand must be rectangular or square. Stands will
normally adjoin other stands, so if vehicles are included in the
stand space, then you must book enough space to remove the
vehicles without affecting neighbouring stands. The ground
surface of the area is gravel, asphalt or grass.

File Upload


Overnight security is provided on the venue by organiser
July 27th – 29th, 2018. The security team will be roaming the
team/teach/expo village.


PAYMENT: advanced payment is required.

EARLY REGISTRATION = best locations/space


Before July 05th 2018 (11:59 pm) = 50% of the total amount will
be refunded

After July 05th 2018 (11:59 pm) = a refund will not be